Plus Course A1

Plus Course A1

1. an online language book containing the essential concepts of language, entertaining dialogues and topics such as holidays, food, travel and culture.

2. more than 24 hours of training videos to learn at home.

The training videos will guide you in your learning through courses, revisions and exercises.

We study each chapter of the language book together and all the language concepts are explained very simply.

3. audio in mp3 to improve your listening comprehension.

4. an entertaining story book A1 in French (+audiobook). You read this book at the end of the programme so that you can see how much you have learned.

5. five interesting assignments with grammar exercises and redactions that fit your level.

6. personal correction to improve your mistakes and feedback and recommendations for each assignments.


9 months access to the programme.

115,00 €

To order the programme, you can pay by Paypal or by card.

When clicking on ''Paypal'', you have the options ''Pay with Paypal'', ''Open account'' or ''Pay without Paypal''. 

Selecting the last option allows you to pay by card.

If you prefer to directly transfer, feel free to contact me.

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